Our goals:

  • To continuously increase the ratio of certified and controlled fiber we use in the production of our products which currently is at 99%
  • To continue to reduce the emissions of CO2e (think greenhouse gases). AF&PA has set a goal of 15%. We have already achieved a reduction of 91%
  • To continue to reduce the emissions of SO2 (think acid rain). We have achieved a reduction of 97% since 2005 and continue to improve.
  • To continue to reduce the emission of NOX (think smog). Since 2005 we have achieved a reduction of nearly 20% and our goal to increase our reduction by another 11% to 31%.
  • To continuously increase the recycling of water used in papermaking processes. We are currently at 28% and are implementing new equipment with a goal of increasing water recycling by an additional 11%. In 2015 we reached our goal of reducing water consumption by 25% below the level of 2005.
  • Electricity generated from cogeneration and landfill gasification account for over 17% of our electricity used in production. Our goal is to raise this to 20% by 2020 through increased generation from green sources.
  • Increased conservation will be used to reduce our use of electricity and the KWHs/ ton produced. We have already reduced our electrical use per ton of paper by 11% since 2005.
  • Improved worker safety. It is critical that everyone who comes to work gets to go home. Our DART rate (accidents resulting in lost time) has fallen 58% with a goal to have a perfect safety record.