Seaman Paper Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the number one global manufacturer of value added specialty tissue papers. We will achieve this goal through innovative products, superior knowledge of our customers’ needs, and modern, efficient manufacturing. We will achieve this goal while maintaining the highest ethical standards with regard to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, the environment and our community.

250 year Anniversary


We are fortunate to have a dedicated, skilled workforce with exceptional experience and knowledge. We are enhancing this labor force with the next generation which will take us to even higher levels.


Our customers are our partners – we can only be successful if they are too. We are constantly working to develop new and exciting products to meet their needs, and to improve our operations through strategic investments which provide customers with cost effective solutions. We are proud of the fact that our customer retention is over 99%.


Our suppliers are our partners too and we work with them to improve our operations and develop an efficient, cost effective, supply chain.


Seaman recognizes its responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner, and we have developed our Soft Steps Forward Initiative to coordinate our efforts. Please refer to the sustainability section for the complete report. 


Economically, the central Massachusetts community relies on Seaman Paper for wages and purchased services in excess of $100 million.

Seaman also helps to improve its community through volunteering and contributions to charities including:

  • Local Food Banks
  • Subsidized school lunch programs
  • The creation of local youth baseball fields and support of youth athletics
  • Housing for people in need
  • Donations to the local hospitals