Adaptable, protective, and plastic-free paper packaging.

Hand soap bottles packaged in Flexi-Hex air protective packaging

Taking shape.

Flexi-Hex Air has an innovative honeycomb design made of lightweight paper that stretches and adapts its shape to protect your products.

Side by side mugs packaged in Flexi-Hex Air and black tissue paper

Packaging reimagined.


Curbside Recyclable

This environmentally friendly void fill solution is curbside recyclable and available with recycled fiber.



Flexi-Hex Air's honeycomb's hexagonal cell structure is renowned for its strength.

A hand lifting Flexi-Hex air packaging off of a wine bottle

Space-Saving Design

Flexi-Hex Airs patented design can be compressed to less than 35 times its maximum width.


Innovative Design

Innovative honeycomb design that stretches and adapts its shape to any product.

Make the switch to paper.