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Soft Steps Forward Initiative

2018 Sustainability Report

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Seaman Paper Sustainability Infographic

New Sustainability Infographic

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AF&PA the Press Release

Recognized for Raising the Reels for Safety Project

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) recognized Seaman Paper Company of Massachusetts, Inc. with a 2017 AF&PA Leadership in Sustainability Award for Safety for their Raising the Reels for Safety project. The award was presented at AF&PA’s annual meeting on Friday, Nov. 3 in Greensboro, Georgia.  Learn More

AF&PA the Press Release

Recognized for Soft Steps Forward Initiative

Seaman Paper Company was recognized as a leader in sustainability before top industry executives at the American Forest & Paper Association’s (AF&PA) 2015 annual meeting on Friday, Nov. 13 in San Antonio, Texas.  Learn More

Sustainability is Not a Single Thing

Sustainability is not a single thing. It is not a group of things or some certification. It is not a statement that we are sustainable. You don't do sustainability, you are sustainable.

It is ingrained in an organization and is a part of the fiber of our existence. It is part of every decision we make, every process we execute, every product, every person, and every customer we serve.

At Seaman Paper we tell our story and life of sustainability within our SOFT STEPS FORWARD INITIATIVE. It is the story of how we manufacture high quality products while leaving only a positive effect on the environment, our customers and our community.

Living and working in a global market as the recognized leader in our industry brings with it the responsibility to not only do the best things for ourselves but to support those goals of our customers to do the right thing for their customers, the environment and the bottom line as well.

To this end we strive to be transparent in publishing our environmental policy, our accomplishments and our goals, for when you stop striving you stop succeeding.

We benchmark ourselves environmentally against our industry with the AF&PA (American Forest & Paper Association) and join with them in their “Better Practices, Better Planet” program. We have aligned their goals for 2020 with our own as a reference point. This assures us of a common vision and allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.