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12 Days of Lightweight Tissue Paper Designs.

October 17, 2022
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SatinWrap stock holiday designs

Halloween is just around the corner, marking for many in the United States the start of a busy holiday season. And the one holiday on every retailer's mind is, of course, Christmas. Christmas spending is an annual opportunity to increase sales and create new customers for your business. As we know, custom packaging is an effective way to achieve brand-loyal customers during this key time period.

Who doesn’t get a thrill out of receiving a package that’s been carefully branded and designed? Premium packaging is a proven tool to build a connection with your customer and imparts a sense of quality about the brand. With consumers ordering more online and in-store than any other time of the year, custom, holiday-themed packaging is an easy and cost-effective way to stand out from your competition.

Custom holiday packaging require businesses to plan ahead during the first half of the year. It’s been a busy year for everyone in retail and, now that fall is already here, ordering custom packaging for the upcoming season might not be possible due to the reality of lead times. Think that means it’s too late to incorporate special holiday packaging for the 2022 season? Think again. Seaman Paper has your business covered with 12 in-stock and ready-to-ship holiday tissue paper designs.

Lightweight tissue paper cuts down on shipping costs – great news considering USPS increased their shipping rates in early October 2022, all the way through most of January 2023. Keeping your package weights as low as possible by using tissue paper as void fill will create quite the savings. These prints are also curbside recyclable, aligning with companies and consumers alike who prioritize renewables over wastefulness.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the “12 Prints of Christmas” – all recyclable, lightweight, and available stock designs for the savvy holiday 2022 retailer.

Perfectly Plaid

This low-key red and green plaid is a great candidate for your packaging if you’re looking for something festive yet subtle.

Red and green simple plaid on white lightweight tissue paper
Perfectly Plaid – SD#375-200 B

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo Plaid is a simple, classic, and trendy choice that works for a wide variety of customers. Given this plaid’s popularity nowadays – it's easy to match this pattern to many different products and packaging.

Black buffalo plaid printed on red lightweight tissue paper
Buffalo Plaid – SD#381-200 B

Totally Holly

The green swirling sprigs, holly leaves, and berries create an elegant and timeless effect in this kraft tissue print. Totally Holly offers both a vintage and contemporary touch to your holiday packaging.

Green holly vines printed on kraft lightweight tissue paper
Totally Holly – SD#321-240 A

Happy HollyDays

Happy HollyDays is a beautiful nature-inspired print featuring interlocking greenery and dark red berries. This tribute to nature in wintertime makes for a lovely reminder of the season.

Green floral vines with deep red berries printed on tan lightweight tissue paper
Happy HollyDays – SD#368-200 B

Light Parade

What’s more classic than Christmas lights? Add pops of color to your product with these retro-inspired holiday bulbs.

Red, green, and blue holiday lights printed on white lightweight tissue paper
Light Parade – SD#383-200 B

Classy Flakes

Classy Flakes will have you and your customers dreaming of a white Christmas filled with sparkling snow thanks to these elegant metallic silver snowflakes.

Metallic silver snowflakes printed on white lightweight tissue paper
Classy Flakes – SD#382-240 A

Peppermint Stripes

Peppermint Stripes is a bold red and white candy cane stripe. This classic and universal print will get customers of all ages excited when it comes time to unbox.

Red candy cane stripe printed on white lightweight tissue paper
Peppermint Stripes – SD#356-240 A

Winter Topiary

Winter Topiary features gorgeous detailed illustrations of winter flora in red ink printed on our soft and elegant Ivory tissue paper.

Red foliage illustrations printed on ivory lightweight tissue paper
Winter Topiary – SD#387-240 A

Presently Plaid

Another bold plaid pattern that will catch attention – this time in classic red and green. Christmas colors with a metallic gold accent add a nice shine to your holiday packaging.

Classic red, green, and black holiday plaid with metallic gold accents printed on lightweight tissue paper
Presently Plaid – SD#338-200 B

Spiraling Snowflakes

If red and white is more your style, these traditional and playful snowflakes and dots are a perpetual best-seller.

Fun and whimsical red snowflakes printed on lightweight white tissue paper
Spiraling Snowflakes – SD#380-240 A

Season’s Greetings Snowflakes

These red and green retro-inspired snowflakes add a fun flair to your holiday packaging.

Red and green retro inspired snowflakes printed on white lightweight tissue paper
Season's Greetings Snowflakes – SD#298-200 B

Woodland Critters

The playful forest silhouettes on Woodland Creatures are uniquely presented in opaque white ink on translucent tissue.

White woodland critter illustrations printed on translucent lightweight tissue paper
Woodland Critters – SD#374-240 A (printed on translucent tissue paper)

But Wait – There’s More!

In the Christmas spirit, here are a few additional prints we’ll add as honorable mentions. Although they come from different sections of our SatinWrap® catalog, these prints fit in perfectly around Christmastime and can be used even after the holiday has passed!

Eucalyptus, black and white plaid, red and kraft plaid, and green and kraft plaid lightweight tissue paper designs
Eucalyptus, Cozy Comfort Plaid, Red Gingham, and Green Gingham

Add Our Tissue to Your Wish List

Attract and keep customers for less with our exciting in-stock holiday tissue paper prints. These lightweight and recyclable patterns add a fun and festive feel to your packaging and make unboxing your eCommerce orders feel like a gift on Christmas morning.

Don’t let any more time pass before the holidays to perfect your packaging. Contact us today to order our SatinWrap® holiday tissue prints.