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Seaman Paper Company makes a wide array of specialty papers for various industrial markets. Basis weights for the paper machines range from 8 lb. up to 25 lb. (24x36-500) in white, kraft, and colors made with different pulp and recycled content furnishes available. These grades are sold in jumbo rolls, cut and trimmed sheets or narrow width and small diameter rewinding.

Manufactured for use with metals and plastics including:

  • Stainless
  • Toilet tissue overwraps
  • Alloys
  • Battery Tissue
  • Copper and brass
  • Textiles
Paper interleaving


  • Neutral pH
  • VCI Treated
  • Anti-Corrosion Papers
  • Chlorine Free (TCF) White
  • Custom Printing

Industrial grades include papers made for the following markets:

  • Printing papers for flexible packaging
  • Toilet tissue overwraps
  • Lightweight converting grades
  • Battery Tissue
  • Straw wrap and tipping for tobacco products
  • Waxing base for foodservice
  • Produce wraps
  • Medical grades and beauty product tissues
  • Toilet seat cover base stock
  • Industrial wrapping and stuffing tissue
  • Garment tissue
  • Interleaving papers
  • Traverse winding

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