An innovative and sustainable alternative to crinkle.

A truly unique design.

SpiroPack’s patented flat, connected, spiral design takes up 80% less space on a packing station than crinkle void fill.


Wide-cut spirals are sure to add unexpected beauty to your packaging.

6.3” diameter

SpiroPack Nest

Narrow-cut spirals create the ultimate nesting for your products.

6.3” diameter

As easy as lift, shake, fill.

Recycle icon

Curbside Recyclable

This environmentally friendly void fill solution is curbside recyclable and available with recycled fiber.

Dustless icon

Less Mess

Clean and contiguous cut spirals create no dust or mess in facilities or your customers’ homes.

space saving icon

Space-Saving Design

Expands to more than 10x its original size and requires 80% less packing space than crinkle shred.

Brand focused icon

Brand Focused

Custom colors and custom printing available to create a truly unique packaging look.

Make the switch to paper.