A box filled with kraft shred tissue paper and aloe vera
Tissue Shred Void Fill

SatinShred Tissue paper shred

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Our shredded tissue paper void fill is the perfect alternative to traditional crinkle fill. Create a sophisticated and upscale eCommerce unboxing while keeping your products in place during shipping.

Our SatinShred tissue paper is FSC® certified, naturally biodegradable, and available in a rainbow of colors to express your brand.

Pair SatinShred void fill with custom printed SatinWrap® tissue paper to elevate your unboxing experience to the next level.

A box of light pink tissue paper shred and facial toner
A box of white tissue paper shred wrapped in white tissue paper with a box of makeup inside
A pile of kraft colored shredded tissue paper filler
A box of black tissue paper shred and foundation makeup
A box of tissue shred and makeup
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an assortment of eCommerce boxes full of colorful tissue paper shred filler

A rainbow of FSC® certified colors available.

SatinShred is available in all of our FSC® certified SatinWrap® solid colors – including SatinWrap® 100 – allowing you to keep your brand colors front and center during unboxing.

Unboxing Experience

Create an unboxing experience your customers won’t forget.

Using tissue paper shred filler is a great way to keep your products securely in place during transit while elevating your unboxing experience ultimately increasing your product’s perceived value.

Pair SatinShred with custom tissue paper to make your brand the star of your unboxing.

Face serum in an eCommerce box with custom tissue paper and tissue shred

Make the switch to paper.

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