Seaman Paper is committed to being a positive member in the global community and a dynamic leader in social, environmental and economical responsibility.

Our Soft Steps Forward Initiative reflects a commitment to manufacturing high quality products while reducing our impact on the environment and continuously improving our operations.

Our longstanding success through more than 74 years is due in large part to this philosophy.



of our papermill waste was diverted from going to landfills.

776,000 sq ft

of LED lighting installed, reducing our energy consumption by 1.2 million KwH.


of our fiber used at our papermill was from recycled content.


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


of water used during paper making is recycled for double-use.

2,089 tons

of paper making residuals turned into compost.

Responsible Fiber

Forests Forever.

At Seaman Paper, we believe trees are a truly remarkable resource that should be managed responsibly, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that the only fiber we use is sustainable fiber. 

In order to provide assurance to our customers, Seaman Paper sources wood pulp from responsibly managed forests, certified to FSC, SFI and PEFC standards.

This helps to maintain a sustainable paper supply that is vital to our business success and achieving our long-term sustainability goals.

Water Stewardship

More paper, less water.

As a water-intensive business, we are continuously looking at ways to reduce our footprint. Our main focus is to consume, recycle and treat the water we use responsibly and efficiently so that we minimize our impact when we return back to our source, the Otter River.

Energy Efficiency

The Future’s Bright.

Seaman Paper is a leader in resource conservation that has significantly reduced energy use and fuel consumption. We are constantly looking at ways to improve energy efficiency and energy self-sufficiency. We have made major investments with a focus on both energy type and energy use, which has significantly reduced our carbon footprint. These investments align with our long-term strategy to reduce our use of fossil fuels by seeking out alternative energy sources such as biomass fuels, clean energy and other low-carbon options.

Waste Recycling

Nothing Wasted, Everything Gained.

Seaman Paper is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reuse materials that would otherwise end up as waste. We see waste as a resource that offers great value and supports beneficial uses for byproducts. That is why we reuse our own waste whenever technically possible. This enables us to reduce our impact on landfills and also explore beneficial, alternative uses.