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Partnering with the planet to ensure a sustainable future.

Seaman Paper's sustainability strategy is designed to continuously improve our environmental and product safety processes, management systems, and performance. This approach enables us to operate in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability, product stewardship, and energy-efficient operations.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

We benchmark ourselves environmentally against our industry with the AF&PA (American Forest & Paper Association) and join them in their “Better Practices, Better Planet” program. We have aligned our goals with theirs as a reference point, assuring a shared vision and allowing us to gauge the effectiveness of our efforts.

Innovative, Sustainable, and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable innovation has been a guiding principle at Seaman Paper since the day our doors first opened. We continue to build a thriving world by unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, our communities, and the planet, and we look forward to continuing this work to meet the needs of tomorrow.

A sweater coming out of a vela bag
Vela Transport Bags
Vela paper bags are designed to replace single-use plastic poly bags from the supply chain. Vela is a curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable, transparent paper bag.
Makeup in a pink box with white spiropack inside
FSC® certified, 100% recycled paper, made entirely from post-consumer and post- industrial waste. Recyclable, naturally biodegradable, and compostable. Custom print also available.
Recycled white tissue paper in a plain kraft box
SatinWrap 100
SpiroPack’s patented flat, connected, spiral design takes up 80% less space on a packing station than crinkle void fill. As easy as lift, shake, fill.
Cottage rose and coral solid color fan fold
Automated void fill packaging has never been so brandable. Combine two branded sheets of tissue paper to enhance your packaging. Curbside recyclable, brand-focused, protective, plus a unique unboxing experience.
a box of high-touch barrier tissue
High-Touch Barrier Tissue
FDA-compliant, paper-based innovative solution designed to help minimize direct hand contact with common high- touch surfaces, including gas pump handles and cooler doors.

Fiber Sourcing

As a manufacturer of paper products, we believe our choices today should leave the forest we depend on better off in the long term. It takes healthy, thriving forests to supply our customers with paper and packaging products.

Responsible sourcing of fiber is not only a responsibility; it’s a necessity for being a long-term, reliable supplier for our customers.

A bail of recycled paper
Seaman Paper warehouse showing LED lighting
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Energy Management

Seaman Paper has made, and continues to make, a significant effort to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully executed a series of energy improvement projects, many of which resulted from upgrading equipment, from more energy-efficient lighting and motors to steam recovery and on-site renewable energy generation. The cumulative effect results in higher levels of renewable energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced energy consumption and costs.


Water Management

When people think of paper manufacturing, trees are often the first natural resource that comes to mind. But water plays an equally important role in the papermaking process.

As a water-intensive business, it is critical that we consume, recycle, and treat the water we use efficiently and responsibly.

Water flowing from our waste water treatment facility into Otter River
A pile of wood ash

Waste Management

Seaman Paper understands the value and environmental impact of waste disposal programs and recycling. We continue to manage our manufacturing waste effectively and continuously look for beneficial reuse opportunities to minimize landfill waste.

Our Certifications

For consumers, certifications represent additional guarantees regarding the quality and the source of Seaman Paper products. And for Seaman Paper, the certifications guarantee a high standard of quality and environmental responsibility.

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Sustainability Report

Celebrating 15 Years of Our Soft Steps Forward Initiatives

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