A fan fold machine with custom tissue paper
Automated Tissue Paper

Vela Bags, Transparent Paper Bags to Replace Polybags

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Our automated FanFold tissue paper is the perfect branded solution for fulfillment centers looking to add sustainable void fill to their packages as quickly, sustainably, and beautifully as possible.

Custom print your brand logo or messaging on FanFold to deliver your brand safely and sustainably.

Curbside Recyclable
This environmentally friendly void fill solution is curbside recyclable and available with recycled fiber.
A rainbow of color options and custom print offer limitless combinations to connect your packaging to your brand.
Unboxing Experience
Create a unique and exciting unboxing experience that will increase the value of your packaging without sacrificing speed and efficiency.
Our FanFold tissue paper offers protection comparable to traditional kraft paper packaging with less fiber weight.
Marketing Meets Operations

Combine your marketing efforts with your operations team.

You don’t need to sacrifice your brand for efficiency.

With FanFold paper, marketers can deliver an exceptional unboxing experience without sacrificing the speed and efficiency that your fulfillment center operations require.

Two stacks of colored and printed fan fold bundles
A pregis fan fold machine with blue and white tissue paper
Automated Packaging

Automate your packaging with your existing equipment.

With your existing automated void fill machine, use our FanFold tissue paper to add an additional layer of branding to your package while keeping your items secure and in place during transit.

Make the switch to paper.

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