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Seaman Paper takes pride in delivering top-quality tissue paper solutions that not only safeguard your footwear products but also elevate their presentation. With our commitment to sustainability, customization options, competitive pricing, and industry expertise, we are your trusted partner for all your footwear tissue paper needs.

The Perfect Fit.

Seaman Paper has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the footwear industry, with numerous top global athletic and dress shoe brands choosing to collaborate with us for their tissue wrapping and stuffing programs. Our deep knowledge and understanding of paper make us stand out in the market. We recognize the unique requirements of the footwear tissue industry and have honed our expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet the highest standards.

Thanks to our extensive experience and industry insights, we are able to offer the most competitive and sustainable programs to our clients. We understand the importance of working closely with you and your supply chain across Asia and the rest of the globe to ensure seamless operations and exceptional results. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our programs, from responsible sourcing of materials to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. With Seaman Paper as your trusted partner, you can rely on our expertise and dedication to deliver superior tissue wrapping and stuffing programs for your footwear products.

Footwear packaging shoe paper around red shoes

Stand Out With a Custom Program.

Looking for a 100% post-consumer recycled solution? FSC® certified? We're committed to sustainability and responsible forest management, and our products reflect that commitment. In addition to our sustainable options, we also offer specialty programs such as UV or Hot Stamp printed logos to help you stand out from the competition.

Our advanced printing technology ensures that your custom prints are of the highest quality, with sharp images and vibrant colors that leave a lasting impression on your customers. At Seaman Paper, we take pride in our ability to offer tailor-made programs to support our customers' ever-evolving needs and to provide the highest quality footwear packaging solutions in the market.

Various custom printed shoe tissue paper

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To better serve our customers we have facilities across the globe.

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If you're in need of exceptional packaging solutions for your footwear products, look no further. We specialize in providing top-quality footwear packaging. Whether you require sustainable materials, customized branding options, or specific sizes and colors, our team is ready to collaborate with you and deliver outstanding results.
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