Fruit wrap paper and produce paper

Keep it fresh.
Keep it colorful.

For vegetable and fruit packing and shipping.

Seaman Paper's fruit and vegetable wrap products are designed to protect produce skins and prevent dehydration, improving shelf life and enhancing the physical appearance of produce in stores. Specialty wraps with unique treatments and coatings can be customized with printed logos, allowing you to showcase your brand's identity.  

In addition, our oil and wax, copper and ethoxyquin treated wraps are available in white, green, purple, and red, as well as other FDA accepted and EPA registered products. Our distribution network spans both the East and West coasts, meaning that we can provide our high-quality produce wraps to customers across the country. 

We're committed to providing customizable, high-quality solutions that help our customers enhance their brand and boost sales. Trust in Seaman Paper for all your produce wrapping needs.

Pears wrapped in fruit wrap paper

Wrap your fruit in something beautiful.

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