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Use crepe paper to express yourself.

With its rich colors and pliable texture, crepe paper offers endless possibilities for artistic expression, enabling individuals to craft stunning designs that capture their distinct style and creative vision. Crepe paper is perfect for a wide range of projects, from intricate floral arrangements and vibrant party decorations to unique scrapbooking elements and personalized gift-wrapping. As a result, crepe paper has become a favorite medium among those seeking to express themselves through art and design, inspiring countless imaginative creations that leave lasting impressions.

Our crepe-abilities are endless.

We take pride in offering an extensive variety of high-quality materials to fuel your creativity and inspire unique projects. Our selection includes white, colored, and creped tissues that are perfect for crafting eye-catching decorations, streamers, flowers, piñatas, confetti, and a multitude of art projects.

We understand the importance of providing both aesthetic appeal and safety in our products. That's why we offer colorfast and deluxe (bleeding) colors for our crepe paper, as well as special pearlescent coatings and flame-resistant qualities.

As the last standing decorative crepe paper supplier in the US and the largest crepe paper supplier in Europe, we are dedicated to preserving the rich tradition of crepe paper crafts while staying at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction.

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Seaman Paper Europe, produced in Germany under the renowned trademark Werola, offers an extensive selection of high-quality crepe paper, tissue paper, packing paper, and craft paper, catering to a wide range of applications such as handcraft, wrapping, and decoration.

Our diverse range of products includes ideas and tutorials for crepe paper craft packs, inspiring crafters of all ages to bring their creative visions to life. With over fifty different colors to choose from, our brilliant hues are perfect for any project you have in mind.

Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith is a designer, maker, artist, and author. Since launching her handcrafted lifestyle site with her first paper rose in 2013, Lia and her team have developed thousands of original DIY templates, SVG cut files, and tutorials to empower others who want to learn, make, and create.

While paper flowers are where this journey began, Lia is most passionate about helping others find joy in crafting and reopen the door to their creative soul. She believes in changing lives one craft at a time.

Lia Griffith

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