SatinWrap Premium Tissue Paper

Premium quality lightweight wrapping tissue paper.

Various gift bags with tissue paper inside

Beauty in every package.

Create a unified eCommerce and retail shopping experience.

Gift bag and eCommerce box with printed "Be Human" tissue paper

Curbside Recyclable

This environmentally friendly void fill solution is curbside recyclable and available with recycled fiber.


Brand Focused

69 colors and custom print offer limitless combinations to connect your packaging to your brand.


Unboxing Experience

Create a unique unboxing
experience that will increase the value of your packaging.


Added Value

Products wrapped in brand-focused tissue paper increase a customers perceived value of that product.

A rainbow of solid colors.

Our SatinWrap stock portfolio offers 68 beautiful solid colors and hundreds of designer 10# tissue paper prints that are sure to make your packaging pop.

69 different colors of tissue paper making a circle color wheel
FSC logo

All SatinWrap solid colors are FSC Certified.

Make the switch to paper.