Think Inside the Box

The value of custom branded tissue paper in eCommerce packaging.

The creativity of your packaging and your products' quality are critical factors in building customers' brand loyalty. Once a customer feels connected with your brand, it ultimately leads to repeat website visits and repeat purchases.

Custom tissue paper is the perfect way to connect your customer with your brand.

Improved Value
Items wrapped in decorative tissue paper inside a package were valued 24% higher than the same items packaged with traditional void fill.
Customer Retention
76% of respondents would be more likely to recommend a brand that wraps package contents in tissue paper.
Emotional Attachment
77% of participants felt joy or surprise at the sight of branded tissue paper.
Higher Quality
86% of participants reported that their impression of a brand was improved when packaged with branded tissue paper.
A woman opening an eCommerce package with custom printed tissue paper inside
Don't Let Your Brand Get Lost in the Mail

Your packaging is an important marketing component that can increase brand loyalty.

When a customer feels connected with your brand, it can lead to repeat purchases and recommendations to their connections. Great packaging leads to more social sharing and custom printed tissue paper is the perfect way to connect your customer with your brand.

Custom Printing Capabilities

Nearly endless possibilities to express your brand.
A sheet of light blue tissue paper with orange pantone printed words
Pantone (PMS)
We can perfectly match any Pantone color to ensure your brand consistency.
A sheet of tan tissue paper printed with greenery
Process (CMYK)
Endless color and print capabilities with CMYK process printing.
A sheet of metallic silver printed tissue paper
Create an elegant shine in your packaging with premium metallic inks.
A sheet of black tissue paper with the word "Flawless" printed in large white letters
Opaque White
White on black or white on color helps to create a bold and powerful statement.
A sheet of translucent printed tissue paper
Translucent Tissue
White on translucent tissue creates a simple and sophisticated design.
A sheet of printed tissue paper with bright flowers on a black background
Full Coverage
Create a design that takes up as little or as much space as you want.
A woman showing excitement unboxing an eCommerce package with customizable tissue paper

Pattern Types

Any print. Any color. Any way you want.

Take your branding to the next level with custom tissue paper using scatter print designs, seamless prints, or even placement spot prints.

A sheet of tissue paper with a custom scatter print
Scatter Print
Create a repeat pattern with random placement that scatters across the entire sheet of tissue.
A sheet of tissue paper with an all over custom print
Seamless Print (ITR)
No need for a break in your artwork. Create seamless tissue patterns.
A sheet of tissue paper with custom placement printing
Spot Print (Placement)
No Pattern? No problem. Create a print with consistent sheet placement.

The responsible packaging material.

No matter how it is customized, tissue paper enhances the value of your products without compromising on sustainability. Today’s consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever and demand greater commitments to sustainability from brands.

Curbside Recyclable
This environmentally friendly void fill solution is curbside recyclable and available with recycled fiber.
Renewable Resources
Made from materials that can be regenerated and responsibly managed.
Water-Based Inks
Water-based inks dry and evaporate naturally and emit no organic compounds.
Breaks down into natural elements when exposed to light, air, and moisture.
Responsibly Sourced
Contains paper pulp that came from responsibly managed forests.
Made of Paper
Make the switch to paper packaging today.
various sheets of custom printed tissue paper

Converting Capabilities

Custom packaging needs custom solutions.

No single packaging solution is one size-fits-all, so when we say custom, we mean custom.

Rolls & Sheets
Looking for counter rolls? No problem. Want your print sheeted? Of course!
A manual paper crumpler with custom printed blob shapes on blush packaging paper
Custom Sizes
Need a specific roll size? Sheet size? Case pack? We have you covered.
eCommerce box with custom tissue paper inside
Heavyweight Tissue
Custom printed 15# and 20# heavyweight void fill offers both beauty and protection.
hands unboxing an eCommerce package with custom printed yellow packaging paper
Interleaving & FanFold
Combine a custom print with a coordinating color to make your packaging pop.
custom tissue paper coming out of a fan fold machine
Pearlescent Coating
Add shimmer to create an upscale and luxurious packaging experience.
gift bag with pearlescent tissue paper inside
Waxed Coating
Custom printed waxed tissue paper ideal for floral and agricultural applications.
Custom printed bright pink waxed paper with flowers on top

Make the switch to paper.