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Tissue for Packaging Boosts Quality and Value Perceptions

November 23, 2019
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Coffee mug wrapped in tissue for packaging

Typically, a product draws consumers to a brand, then they weigh price and quality to make their purchasing decisions. Often, though, it’s the things customers aren’t necessarily looking for that improve their experience and build brand loyalty, including packaging. For brands that want to have greater retention and value among customers (and who doesn’t?) the presentation—specifically decorative tissue paper—is extremely valuable, according to a recent study.

The perceived value of a package, product, and brand were all higher among Package InSight study participants when tissue paper was used in packaging, compared to other materials. This is a clear signal that tissue optimizes the presentation of a package. The takeaway is that something as simple and affordable as tissue offers added value that can boost customer satisfaction and generate positive brand perception.

Tissue Paper Exudes Quality

Tissue Paper Improves Quality

In our previous blog post, we addressed the fact that customers are more apt to recommend and continue patronizing brands that include tissue paper in their packaging. When something is encased in luxury packaging materials, it elevates the consumer’s unboxing experience by captivating their senses, leading to the perception that the item holds more value than if it were packed using “inferior” materials, such as air pillows and other void-fill.

All participants in this study (Clemson University enthusiasts) received a package with the same handmade Clemson Tiger Paw. When participants were asked to rate the brand and package quality, those who received tissue-clad tiger paws gave an average rating of 7.95 and 8.29, respectively. Conversely, those who received void-fill materials rated the brand quality at 7.56 and the package quality at 6.99. Because the only variable was the packaging, it’s safe to assume that tissue paper had a direct positive effect on the perceived quality.

Quality extends to how customers view the overall experience, which creates a stronger connection between brand and consumer. In fact, only 14% of participants reported that their impression of a brand was not improved when their item arrived wrapped in tissue. This proved especially true with branded tissue paper, as it was emphasized as a positive factor double-to-quadruple the amount of other materials. Tissue paper use was ultimately found to elevate the perception of the product and brand quality, creating a more valuable experience for the customer.

Make the Most of Gifting

The modern retail landscape presents a convenient way around the often-tiresome process of shopping for gifts. Today’s consumers crave simplicity when purchasing and sending gifts. This is especially true among younger shoppers during the holiday season, as shown by a National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, which found that more than half of millennial and Gen Z shoppers gifted clothing to friends during the holidays.

Packaging these orders with gift-like materials takes the burden of wrapping off the customers’ shoulders. This a helpful step, particularly during the holidays—during which 40% of gifts are purchased at the last minute—when many customers may not have the time to personally wrap items, or are shipping them directly to the recipient. It’s important to ensure that gifted items are perceived as being valuable. While air pillows, Kraft paper and similar materials are regularly used for product protection, opening a package to find an item surrounded by nothing but void-fill isn’t going to make recipients think “high-end” or build brand awareness.

When participants in Package InSight’s study were asked how much they thought the package would cost if they were to have it shipped to a friend as a gift, respondents who received tissue-clad items valued it 24% higher than other groups. These people also reported that a brand seems “somewhat upscale” when package contents are wrapped in branded or colored tissue paper. The people who said they’d be more likely to place another order from a brand that used branded tissue paper packaging said the addition makes them feel valued, it represents a high-quality product, and makes the unboxing experience more exciting.

Time is Now for Holiday Planning

When it comes to capitalizing on the gifting trend, it’s important to make the most out of the experience and maximize excitement. Brands planning promotions for the upcoming holiday season should consider designing packaging that gets gift-givers and receivers in the spirit by adding a festive touch to package presentation. Even for year-round customers, the delight in seeing a limited-time design can spur an emotional attachment, something we addressed earlier on our blog.

Seaman Paper has you covered with an extensive collection of unique prints from our SatinWrap program to fit your seasonal branding strategy. Gearing up for the Black Friday rush? Take your pick, from various snowflake patterns and holiday lights, to “Gold Pearl Trees,” “Buffalo Plaid,” gold gemstones and more to captivate different holiday vibes. Running a special promo for Mother’s Day? Accentuate the elegance with our assortment of rose golds or botanical prints.

Rose Gold tissue paper in a box
A package wrapped in Buffalo Plaid tissue paper
Golden Pearl Tree tissue paper coming out of a bag
Grandma's Kitchen tissue paper wrapping a coffee mug

Pattern choices aren’t always based on seasonality; sometimes having the packaging be on-theme for the product is part of the strategy. Cookware brands can use our “Grandma’s Kitchen” print to evoke the spirit of a homestyle kitchen atmosphere; Wine and Spirits purveyors can keep the fun flowing with our “Wine Not” tissue. The possibilities are almost endless and finding the right fit can make a gift unforgettable.

While quality products and competitive prices are paramount in the today’s retail climate, enhancing the presentation of these items can do wonders for bolstering customer satisfaction and encouraging word-of-mouth endorsements. Demonstrate value by surrounding contents with unique, appealing packaging that creates a truly memorable experience. Not only will your customers be more impressed, but the products they purchase as gifts will feel thoughtful and special.

To learn more about how tissue paper can improve the unboxing process and enhance overall brand image, download our white paper or infographic.

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