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SeaStretch is a lightweight paper alternative to single-use plastic stretch film used to wrap and contain loads in shipping and storage. Compatible with manual, semi-automated, and fully automated pallet wrapping systems, transitioning to SeaStretch is incredibly easy.

Unlike traditional plastic stretch wrap, SeaStretch is fully recyclable and made with certified fibers ensuring the protection and preservation of our natural forests.

Made of Paper
SeaStretch is made of paper, fully recyclable, and is sourced from responsibly managed forests.
Durable & Expandable
Flexible, stretchable, and highly resistant to tearing – with easy storage, handling, and efficient pallet wrapping.
Deliver on Sustainability
Replace your single-use plastic pallet wrap with environmentally responsible paper packaging.
A roll of kraft pallet stretch wrap
Sustainable Packaging

Designed to be recycled.

SeaStretch is a fully recyclable, paper-based pallet wrap for businesses looking to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics or transitioning to plastic-free packaging amidst growing concern of plastic packaging and pending legislations. Additionally, SeaStretch can act as a reusable void fill solution after its initial use.

Durable & Flexible

Ensuring your products’ safety.

Made from creped paper, SeaStretch is incredibly lightweight (42 gsm) while being incredibly durable, stretchable, and highly resistant to tearing – making it the ideal packaging solution for pallet wrapping.

This product is able to stretch into shape, maximizing the strength and stiffness of the paper fibers creating a durable pallet wrap while almost doubling in length – outperforming traditional industrial plastic wrap protection alternatives.

A manual pallet wrap stretching paper stretch wrap
An automated pallet wrap machine with paper stretch wrap

Works with your existing equipment.

Whether you use a manual pallet wrap, semi-automated pallet wrapping machines, or a fully automated pallet wrapping machine, SeaStretch has you covered (literally.)

Its sticky inner layer adheres to products as you wrap, ensuring a tight and secure fit. Simply fasten it to the pallet first, then cover your products while letting the stretch wrap unroll.

Make the switch to paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SeaStretch recyclable?
This product has been approved for recyclability according to Aticelca® 501 test in accordance with Italian standard UNI 11743:2019.
How many pallets can one roll of SeaStretch wrap?
SeaStretch rolls can wrap a standard, uniform pallet load 6-8 times. Please keep in mind that pallet load will have specifications and requirements for safe shipping and load containment.
What type of labels are compatible with SeaStretch?
We recommend a label with a high tack hot melt adhesive that is solvent-free.

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