Vela Bags, Transparent Paper Bags to Replace Polybags

The paper alternative to single-use plastic poly bags.

7 stock sizes of vela bags next to each other in a row

No poly. No problem.

Remove single-use plastic poly bags from your supply chain by switching to Vela – a curbside recyclable, naturally biodegradable, transparent paper bag.


Curbside Recyclable

This environmentally friendly poly bag alternative is curbside recyclable and made of FSC® Certified paper.



A product's voyage from a factory to a customer is rigorous. Vela bags have the strength to withstand this journey.

A spotted black and white shirt inside of a stock Vela bag


Vela Bags are made with transparent paper, which allows for easy barcode scanning and product visibility.


Weather Resistant

Protects products from humidity, moisture, and dust, while also allowing them to breathe in transit.

Make the switch to paper.