White SpiroPack inside a box with makeup inside
Spiral Paper Void Fill


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Our SpiroPack spiral tissue paper void fill is a unique and innovative alternative to traditional crinkle fill and packing peanuts. SpiroPack’s patented flat design takes up 80% less space on your packing station than crinkle shred. The connected spiral design allows for easy packing during fulfillment and easy cleanup for consumers during unboxing.

Create the ultimate unboxing experience and add additional value to your products when you pair SpiroPack or SpiroPack Nest Eco with custom printed SatinWrap® tissue paper.

A box of red SpiroPack and makeup wrapped in printed tissue paper
Flatlay image of SpiroPack in Black, Kraft, White, Hot Pink, Red, and French Vanilla
A hand fanning through a stack of SpiroPack
A pile of French Vanilla SpiroPack
White SpiroPack inside a box with makeup inside
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Fast and Efficient

Lift. Shake. Fill.

Efficient packaging doesn’t need to be boring. Using SpiroPack to add volume to your package is quick and easy. Simply lift your desired amount of spirals by the tail, lift, give a good shake to add volume, and put the fluffed SpiroPack into your eCommerce box.

Flat lay image of black SpiroPackA hand lifting spirals from a stack of SpiroPackA hand dropping fluffed SpiroPack into a shipping boxA box of black SpiroPack and a bottle
A case of SpiroPack with 3 inner cartons inside
Dimensional Freight Friendly

Save on storage space in your warehouse or fulfillment center.

SpiroPack ships flat and expands to create beautiful and fun spirals. Each carton weighs 30 lbs and contains three 10 lb inner cases with approximately 2,200 spirals per case.

One pallet of SpiroPack has approximately the same amount of material as six pallets of crinkle paper.

Mess Free

Less dust. Less mess. Less stress.

Tired of dusty crinkle shred getting everywhere? SpiroPack’s contiguous design means that filling a box and emptying the box are easy and mess free – no more dust and paper scraps covering your floor.

A hand pulling apart SpiroPack showing off it's spirals
Flatlay image of SpiroPack in Black, Kraft, White, Hot Pink, Red, and French Vanilla
Stock Colors

Available in 6 beautiful colors.

SpiroPack is available in Black, White, Kraft, Hot Pink, Red, and French Vanilla. Add a fun pop of color to your packaging to accentuate your products.

Looking for a different color? Custom colors are available for special order.

Make the switch to paper.

Flat SpiroPack nest to a box filled with expanded SpiroPack
SpiroPack Nest Eco

Looking for SpiroPack void fill with thinner strands and more void fill volume?

SpiroPack Nest Eco has the same unique properties as SpiroPack but offers additional environmental benefits as well as narrow width strands that give the overall void fill more volume and cushioning when shipping your goods.

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