Introducing the new 2021 SatinWrap program.

January 18, 2020
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SatinWrap 100, Be Human, and SatinShred logos

Seaman Paper is excited to introduce fresh additions to our signature SatinWrap® program. The following highlights from our 2021 catalog include the same kinds of premium quality products that you’ve come to expect from Seaman Paper for over 74 years – with greater commitments to sustainability and a new charitable program.

A rainbow of FSC® certified colors.

Earlier this month we announced that all of our signature SatinWrap® solid colors are officially FSC® certified. This significant milestone comes at a time when consumer demand for sustainable products and packaging is higher than ever.

SatinWrap Color Wheel

Read more about the FSC® certification that our signature SatinWrap® colors proudly hold here. 

SatinWrap 100

Made from 100% recycled materials.

Say hello to SatinWrap 100 – a brand new line of FSC® certified, 100% recycled paper, made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. SatinWrap 100 is available in white and kraft, with 2 color custom printing available.

Box with white SatinWrap 100 tissue paper

Be Human

An entirely new way to give back.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase of our brand new Be Human print will be donated to a different charity every year. We hope that the message “Be Kind. Be You. Be Human.” will reflect the tone of the coming year.

Bag and box with SatinWrap Be Human print


The sophisticated alternative to crinkle void fill.

Elevate your unboxing experience with the beauty of SatinShred. SatinShred is available in all 69 stock FSC® certified SatinWrap® colors as well as our brand new SatinWrap 100 White and Kraft. Cut at 1/8 inch wide, SatinShred is the perfect void fill nesting and can be ordered in 10lb and 25lb cartons. 

eCommerce box with makeup and SatinShred tissue paper

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