Seaman Paper partners with NGO Canopy to protect and conserve forests.

November 10, 2022
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Seaman Paper and Canopy logos

As more and more companies begin their transition from plastic packaging to fiber-based or paper packaging, we recognize the importance of sourcing these fibers as responsibly as possible to protect and conserve Ancient and Endangered Forests. At Seaman Paper, we believe that sustainable business leadership is a fundamental component of long-term transformation, which is why we are excited to officially be a Canopy Pack4Good partner.

Canopy is an environmental non-profit organization working with hundreds of companies through robust sourcing policies to reduce the impact on the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests – which are critical to biodiversity, carbon sequestration, clean drinking water, wildfire risk reduction, and the well-being of indigenous communities.

“Providing a truly sustainable and responsible paper packaging strategy to our customers requires that we continue to rigorously vet the source of our fibers and track our supply chain. The work we do with Canopy will ensure that we safeguard at-risk forests and confirm that the environments and communities related to the origin of our paper products remain prosperous and healthy,” said Ken Winterhalter, CEO of Seaman Paper.

As we continue to live our mission – People, Paper, Packaging, for a sustainable world – Seaman Paper is proud to partner with Canopy in their goal to eliminate Ancient and Endangered Forest fiber from paper packaging and support the development of next-generation fiber solutions.

Read our full Canopy Pack4Good sourcing policy here.