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Packing Videos: The new unboxing?

October 3, 2023
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an eCommerce box with custom tissue paper and black tissue shred

Have you ever wondered what happens after you click the "buy" button on an eCommerce website? In the past, you might have received a confirmation email and waited days (or even weeks) for your order to arrive in the mail. But now, there's a new trend in online shopping: customers can watch their orders being prepared and packed for shipping in real-time.

A packing video documents a customer’s purchase being packed for shipment. Sometimes tagged with #packanorderwithme (over 225k posts), brands may film the items purchased by a recent customer, wrap the products in branded tissue paper, or fill a shipping box with another lightweight void fill option such as SpiroPack or SatinShred. Cards with coupon codes for repeat purchases might also be placed on top, or a free sample could be included. Finally, the product is sealed and moved onto the next stage of labeling and shipping – all of which is being recorded and shared for customers to view.

What is it about these behind-the-scenes videos that have captured the attention of customers? Let’s explore some of the reasons behind the success of packing videos and how you can harness this trend for the benefit of your brand.

Packing – the New Unboxing? 

Unboxing videos are an extremely popular way for customers to interact with a brand. One reason for the popularity of unboxing is that it adds a personal touch to the shopping experience. By sharing their genuine reactions to a product, customers can provide valuable feedback to the retailer while also creating content that fellow shoppers can relate to. This can help build a sense of community among shoppers and establish a stronger connection between customers and a brand, leading to increased loyalty and engagement. 

Unboxing also offers an opportunity for brands to highlight their products and packaging. By paying attention to the details of the packaging, brands can create a positive unboxing experience that can influence a customer's perception of the product. With the rise of social media and the "shareability" of content, this can lead to free advertising and further increase brand awareness, and on top of that, brands can take advantage of the UGC (user-generated content) for their own social sharing – adding yet another layer of interaction and connection between your brand and your customers. 

While unboxing videos became popular several years ago, it is still a popular trend in eCommerce today. In fact, many retailers are now incorporating unboxing into their marketing strategies by creating custom packaging and encouraging customers to share their unboxing experiences on social media. Additionally, with the convenience of online shopping and the growth of eCommerce, it is likely that unboxing will continue to be a popular trend for years to come. 

Many of the same benefits of unboxing videos exist in packing videos. Despite the similarities, packing videos have proved their place as an equally smart and lucrative marketing strategy. 

Why are packing videos popular, and how can they be useful?  

After doubling her sales through TikTok, Nema Causey, founder of Candy Me Up, a San Fransisco bulk candy store reported, “There is one video in particular that changed it all. I posted a video of me packing an order — a trend I started for the candy side of TikTok — and it showcased many candies that were hard to find... I received 2,000-plus orders within minutes of that post [,] and hundreds of thousands of followers. The success of that video wasn’t only because of the hard-to-find candies, but the viewers thought it was satisfying to watch. Every video I made packing orders gained more and more popularity and sales.” 

So why are customers so interested in watching their orders being packed and shipped?

Excitement and Anticipation

Think about a time you were excited about a purchase – or maybe a preorder of a hot new item. Imagine if you were able to watch a little behind-the-scenes video of that purchase being prepared just for you! Instead of clicking "buy" and forgetting about the order, customers can now follow its journey in real-time,  keeping their eyes and minds on your product and brand for longer.


By allowing customers to watch their orders being prepared and packed, brands are showing that they have nothing to hide. Customers can see that their orders are being handled with care, and they can have peace of mind knowing that their package is on its way.


Watching their orders being packed and shipped can provide customers with a sense of confirmation that their orders are being processed and handled correctly. This can help to alleviate any anxiety or uncertainty about the status of their orders.


For some customers, watching the packing and shipping process is just pure entertainment, particularly if the videos are well-produced and engaging. This can help to build brand loyalty and encourage customers to share the videos with others.

Having a great product is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving great sales. Digital eCommerce is an evolving – and crowded – market, which surpassed $1 trillion in revenue in 2022. Whether you’re a small, digitally native brand or the online arm of a retail giant, it’s important to make sure your brand shows up on people’s screens and wins the battle to capture their valuable attention. Packing videos provide an additional opportunity for a customer to interact and invest in a brand through a personalized experience. And data shows that personalized experiences decrease the chance of returns while increasing brand loyalty.

Wrapping up. 

While major brands may soon create their own #packandorderwithme videos, for now, this trend remains dominated by small businesses. By showing customers how their orders are packed and shipped, businesses can create a deeper connection with their customers and highlight the care and attention to detail that goes into every order. 

Ready to get started with custom packaging to spruce up your unboxing and packing videos?