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Four eco-friendly void fill paper packaging options for sustainable eCommerce

March 15, 2022
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SpiroPack, Flexi-Hex Air, and SatinShred in eCommerce packages with cosmetics

Just as direct-to-consumer delivery has grown in popularity, so has consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging and products has increased. Packaging components ranging from the actual container (ex. box) that the product is shipped in, to the outer package wrap and void fill each must be considered. If you are committed to sustainability but still use foam or plastic void fill, it is time to explore eco-friendly alternatives. 

What is void fill packaging, and how is it used?

Void fill (sometimes called “box filler”) exists to fill the empty spaces in your packaging and protect your product from too much movement during the shipping process. Customers are used to getting packages filled with styrofoam peanuts, plastic air pillows, plastic bubble wrap, and so on. However, many of these methods are reliant on unsustainable materials. Additionally, they may demand an avoidable amount of messy packing space or disregard the customer's unboxing experience.

Paper Offers Sustainable Void Fill Options

Committing to eco-friendly void fill used to mean a compromise on branding or packaging efficiency. However, today’s innovative paper void fill options deliver a myriad of benefits to your company’s sustainability, brand perception, speed, and customer satisfaction alike:

4 sustainable paper void fill options for eco-aware brands: 

Selecting the right void fill option for your product can get overwhelming. There are many choices available to your brand, and not all paper void fill options are made with sustainability in mind. Below we have broken down four great eco-friendly paper void fill options so you can make the best decision for your eCommerce brand.

An eCommerce box with makeup and hot pink spiropack packaging
SpiroPack is a beautiful eco-friendly void fill option that adds fun and color.

1. SpiroPack instead of Crinkle Paper to Save Space at Your Packing Station

The commonly used crinkle void fill is usually made of strips of kraft paper. While crinkle paper is more sustainable than plastic box fillers, it requires unnecessary space, leaves a mess, and is expensive to store and transport. 

SpiroPack is a patented design of spiral-shaped, multi-layered paper that occupies very little space on your packing station. It is made of lightweight paper material that has been cut into thin or wide strips for a beautiful void fill that accentuates your products.

SpiroPack Multi-Layered Paper is an excellent choice for brands seeking paper void fill that is:

  • Curbside recyclable
  • Sustainably made
  • Less Messy, leaving less to clean up after both packaging and unboxing
  • Space-Saving, requiring 80% less packing space than crinkle shred
  • Beautiful and customizable, available in a variety of colors

An eCommerce box with small jar candles and tissue paper printed with eucalyptus florals
Seaman Paper's Eucalyptus SatinWrap tissue paper is a great eco-friendly void fill option.

2. Tissue Paper Instead of Plastic Foam or Bubble Wrap

Tissue paper is a beautiful, sustainable, and highly customizable alternative to plastic and foam wraps. This elegant void fill option protects your products, boosts quality and value perceptions, and makes unboxing a memorable experience.

SatinWrap and SatinPack Tissue Paper are excellent choices for brands seeking paper void fill that are:

  • Curbside recyclable
  • Sustainably made
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to brand for customized unboxing experiences
  • Perceived by consumers as higher in value or quality

A pregis fan fold machine with light blue and custom tissue going into a shipping box
Custom printed and colored FanFold tissue paper used as eco-friendly void fill packaging in a box.

3. FanFold Automated Void Fill for Speedy Custom Tissue Paper Void Fill Packaging

Not all automation requires a lot of space or an industrial facility. FanFold combines two tissue paper models to create your desired look and level of product protection. It can help growing brands speed up their packaging process without compromising on the beauty or branding of their void fill.

FanFold Automated Tissue Paper is an excellent choice for brands seeking paper void fill that is:

  • Curbside recyclable
  • Sustainably made
  • Faster than a manual box filling process
  • Customizable by combining two different tissue papers
  • Branded, encompassing a myriad of options
A striped sweater in a vela paper transport bag
Vela bags share qualities of poly bags but they are made of paper

4. Vela – replace your single-use plastic poly bags

Looking to get rid of single-use plastic packaging and need a poly bag replacement?

Vela bags are an excellent choice for brands seeking to find a poly bag alternative that is:

  • Made of paper
  • Transparent enough for manual barcode scanning
  • Curbside recyclable
  • FSC-certified
  • Highly protective
  • Weather-resistant
  • Available with custom printing and custom sizes

Switch to Paper Void Fill Packaging for Sustainable eCommerce from A to Z.

Now is the time for eco-conscious brands to make the switch to eco-friendly paper void fill packaging.

Seaman Paper’s sustainable void fill products are made following strict sustainability guidelines. This encompasses responsible sourcing, maximum manufacturing efficiency, a commitment to reducing energy and water consumption, and intentional waste management. Seaman Paper can help you identify what void fill option best fits your needs and supports your brand's commitment to eco-friendly eCommerce.

Contact us to start the conversation and discover a new differentiator for your brand.

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